While many EVE Online pilots are enduring travel headaches, long days, pickled fish and more at Fanfest, some noble warriors are getting in shape and building fitness together. Thus, the #fitfleet was formed.

@MaxTorps captured the #fitfleet roster so far as a list of links, and I have re-factored the data into a table:

#tweetfleet (EVE) #fitfleet (Runkeeper)
@LiangNuren http://runkeeper.com/user/wizzat/profile
@Mynxee http://runkeeper.com/user/mynxee/profile
@MaxTorps http://runkeeper.com/user/JohnRichardson/profile
@DuncanFeldane http://runkeeper.com/user/MichaelMontgomery/profile
@KrispyDingo http://runkeeper.com/user/grimmlock/profile
@_noise_ http://runkeeper.com/user/noisephoenix/profile
@eclipticrift http://runkeeper.com/user/kylemaxwell/profile
@rwfloydjr http://runkeeper.com/user/rwfloydjr/profile
@ridlawaz http://runkeeper.com/user/Ridlaw/profile
@Mikeazariah http://runkeeper.com/user/mikeazariah/profile

So far, we are using RunKeeper, which has a free plan and mobile apps, joining Street Teams to “keep track of others progress and encourage each other.”

Hopefully, we can add names as the group grows.